Founded: 1995

Status: 501(c)3 tax-exempt, nonprofit organization

Location: Melrose, Massachusetts is a city of approximately 28,000 people located 7 miles north of Boston. Our offices are on the 2nd floor of the Beebe Estate at 235 West Foster Street in Melrose.

Mission: To raise community awareness of teen dating and domestic violence, and to promote programs that work to reduce violence and encourage healthy relationships.

Funding: MAAV is funded through a combination of federal, state and local grants, individual and corporate donations, and funds raised through special events. Our two major fundraisers each year include the MAAV Walk & Candlelight Vigil in October, and the Melrose Run for Women, led by the Melrose Running Club each year on Mother’s Day.

Staff: 1 full-time Executive Director and 3 part-time staff members.

Board of Directors: 12 Board members and 9 Associate Board members include representatives from the police, schools, clergy, hospital, business community, health department, students, parents and community members at large.

Current Programs and Accomplishments

Community Awareness Activities

  • Palm cards listing hotline numbers placed in stores, restaurants, public buildings, churches, medical offices and businesses throughout the community.
  • Information booth at the Annual Victorian Fair.
  • Annual Walk & Candlelight Vigil held each October commemorating victims and survivors of domestic violence.
  • MAAV e-newsletter, “The Communicator” with more than 2500 subscribers.
  • Daily tips and updates using social media.
  • Web site providing information and confidential advice.
  • Editorials in the local newspapers and programs on cable television.
  • Presentations on relationship violence to church, civic and community groups.
  • Men4MAAV initiative engaging boys and men as allies and leaders.

Prevention/Education Programs

  • Peer Mentoring Program matching trained high school students with middle school youth.
  • “Healthy Relationships” Program for all 8th graders in the Melrose Public Schools.
  • 20-member Student Action Board at Melrose High School addressing teen dating violence and sexual assault and serving as peer mentors to 9th graders.
  • Teen palm cards listing hotline numbers distributed to teens and school staff.
  • MAAV mobile app, with information on teen dating abuse and resources for teens.

Training for Professionals

  • Offer training on domestic violence, teen dating abuse and bullying for educators, healthcare, childcare and human service providers, police, and clergy.

Resource & Referral Services/Support for Victims

  • Follow-up with victims referred by the Domestic Violence Officer at the Melrose Police Department, offering information, support, resource and referral services.
  • Provide assistance in response to phone calls, office visits and e-mails from individuals, friends and family members seeking help.
  • Provide weekly support group for victims and survivors of domestic violence.
  • Resource Library includes brochures, handouts, articles, books and videotapes available free of charge or for loan.
  • Links to resources for counseling, legal assistance, healthcare and shelter


  • Serve on Melrose Community Coalition.
  • Serve on Melrose Public Schools Wellness Advisory Council.
  • Invited to speak on teen dating abuse prevention at the White House in February 2013.
  • Served as model for Stoneham and Wakefield to launch similar organizations.