Men4MAAV was launched in 2018, when members of MAAV’s Board of Directors and our Safe Steps for Melrose Task Force joined forces.

Men4MAAV Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the work of the Melrose Alliance Against Violence (MAAV) by developing a network of individuals and organizations to work with men and boys to promote and cultivate a culture of gender equality, mutual respect, and healthy relationships.

Men4MAAV Vision Statement

Our vision is a community where men and boys are accountable and empowered with the knowledge and tools to actively engage in transforming our culture to prevent male violence in all its forms, and where all male-identifying members embrace healthy masculinity.

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Men4MAAV grew out of 2018’s celebration of White Ribbon Day in Melrose, a first for the community. White Ribbon Day is an annual international movement urging men and boys to oppose domestic and sexual violence, not just in their own relationships but in the wider world around them. The event was marked in Melrose with a virtual flag raising at Melrose City Hall (a torrential rainstorm kept us indoors!) and a proclamation of White Ribbon Day in Melrose read by City Solicitor Robert Van Campen. All of the men present at the event took a pledge to help prevent sexual and domestic violence.

In 2019, the Men4MAAV group marked White Ribbon Day in Melrose again, with an event on Thursday, March 7. It took place at 8am in the Aldermanic Chambers in Melrose City Hall. To view photos of the event click here. The group also plans to offer trainings in the community, with an “Allies Workshop” that will be held on April 11, 2019. They also plan to offer a training for male students at Melrose High School.

MAAV Board Members Brian Kiley and Craig Noto are two of the founding members of Men4MAAV, and are available to answer any questions. For more information on Men4MAAV or White Ribbon Day, please contact us!