• Headshot: Joan Bell
    Joan Bell, President

    Joan joined the MAAV Board of Directors in 2000. She returned to her hometown of Melrose after having children, to raise her family. She is married and has three daughters, all who have benefited from MAAV’S great programming over the years. She always wanted them to know growing up that they had a voice. (more…)

  • Headshot: Merideth Baker
    Meredith Baker, Vice President

    Meredith joined the MAAV Board of Directors in 2012 after being matched as a mentor, and was appointed Vice President in 2015. She saw the difference that being involved in the life of a mentee can make and wanted to contribute to the greater organization.  Meredith feels it is important to invest in the community where you live.  Instilling young people with confidence to be the best that they can be is what inspires her to give her time to MAAV.  Meredith has spent 20 years of her career in health care and is currently the System Director of Medical Staff Development and Services for Hallmark Health System.  She lives in Melrose with her husband and enjoys traveling, the ballet and the beach.

  • Headshot: Louise Mason
    Louise Mason, Clerk

    Louise joined the MAAV Board of Directors in 2009 because she was already involved as a mentor and was very impressed with the organization.  She is a member of the Annual Walk Committee and enjoys being involved with this event.  She is also a member and the MAAV liaison for the Melrose League of Women Voters, which is the organization that formed MAAV.  Louise stated that she remains involved with MAAV because she feels that she is doing something to make a difference.  She shared that being a mentor has been a great experience and that she enjoys watching the youth grow and become more self confident.  Louise lives in Melrose with her husband and has three grown children.

  • Headshot: Sally Stubbs
    Sally Stubbs, Treasurer

    Sally has lived in Melrose since 1986, and recently retired from a 38-year career with State Street.  Sally has volunteered with a variety of organizations over the years, including the Melrose Public Schools, the Melrose Recycling Committee and the League of Women Voters of Melrose.  She is a past co-chair of the Melrose Human Rights Commission and volunteers with the ELL/English Conversation Group.  Sally and her husband, George, are long-time supporters of the Melrose Alliance Against Violence. Sally is honored to serve the organization, and the Melrose community, as a MAAV director and most recently as its treasurer.

  • Headshot: Mike Bloom
    Mike Bloom

    Mike joined the MAAV Board of Directors in 1995 because he believes in what MAAV is about and as one of the founders he still believes in the mission.  Mike is very involved with the Annual Walk Committee and the Mother’s Day Road Race.  He remains involved with MAAV because as one of the founders he still has a passion for the cause and what MAAV is doing in Melrose and beyond.  When not volunteering with MAAV, Mike enjoys spending time with her wife, son, daughter and grandchild.  He is retired from the Melrose Police Department, where he served as the Domestic Violence Officer.

  • Headshot: Jodi Dwyer
    Jodi Dwyer

    Jodi joined the MAAV Board of Directors in 2010 because she wanted to become more involved in the community and believes very much in the cause. Jodi remains involved with MAAV due to her desire to end domestic violence, dating violence and bullying and feels that education is the key to prevention. As a clinical social worker, Jodi has counseled victims in a number of settings and is an advocate for empowering her clients. Jodi is involved with MAAV’s Annual Walk Committee and is a mentor through a Boston organization. She enjoys biking and traveling in her free time.

  • Headshot: Dan Ehlers
    Detective Dan Ehlers

    Dan Ehlers has been a police officer in Melrose for over 12 years and currently holds the position of Detective/Domestic Violence Officer.  Dan is retired from the United States Air Force Security Forces after 20 years of service and has served in the Gulf and Iraqi wars.  In this position he has worked with the Melrose Alliance Against Violence to provide assistance to victims of domestic abuse.  As a police officer, he has seen an increase in the amount of domestic violence calls the police department responds to and feels that MAAV is a great resource in the community which provides additional assistance to victims of domestic violence.  He believes that there no better way than through MAAV, to serve the victims and break the cycle of violence.   Dan has been married for 19 years to his wife Toni and has 5 children.

  • Headshot: Joe Guarino
    Joe Guarino

    Joe Guarino is a lifelong resident of Melrose and owner of LCM PLUS, a local landscaping company. Joe learned about the impactful work of MAAV after watching a program on one of the survivors. As a father of three, Joe was passionate about supporting an organization that not only helps adults in need, but one that also has a strong involvement in the local schools and a commitment to working with young adults and students of all ages. Joe reached out to MAAV to offer his support, and is honored to serve on the board, which he joined in 2017.


  • Headshot: Kate Hartigan
    Kate Hartigan

    Kate is a Melrose High graduate and former Student Action Board member. As a sexual assault survivor, MAAV has been a very important part of her life. Kate has served on the Annual Walk Committee and volunteered for other projects with MAAV over the last few years including speaking to Melrose High School Students about sexual assault. Currently Kate works for the United States Postal Service. She is very excited to be part of the Board and continue to support MAAV and the Melrose community.

  • Headshot: Brian Kiley
    Brian Kiley

    After volunteering with the Walk Committee in 2016, Brian joined the MAAV Board of Directors in 2017. Brian chose to get involved because he believes in MAAV’s mission and he feels that the Melrose community benefits from the active involvement of its members through organizations such as MAAV. Brian is an ardent believer that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and that the best way to achieve this goal is through education, intervention and support. When he is not volunteering with MAAV, Brian works in the financial services industry. Brian lives in Melrose with his wife and two sons.

  • Headshot: Michael Lyle
    Chief Michael Lyle

    Mike Lyle has served as Melrose’s Chief of Police since 2007. Chief Lyle began his law enforcement career in 1986 when he joined the Melrose Police Department. In 1996 the MPD shifted from a traditional police force to community policing. Chief Lyle realized that the police department and the citizens of Melrose needed to work together towards making the City a safe place to live and work. He knew that the police could not do it alone, and needed the public’s support. To this day he still follows that philosophy.

    Chief Lyle joined the MAAV Board of Directors in 2006, lending tremendous support to the organization. The MPD works hand in hand with MAAV to support victims of abuse, provide educational programming in the schools and awareness events in the community. Each year Chief Lyle provides tours of the police station for youth in MAAV’s mentoring program and organizes a  team from the MPD in MAAV’s Walk. Chief Lyle is highly committed to the cause and to doing “whatever it takes” to assist victims and help break the cycle of domestic violence.

    Chief Lyle has been married since 1992 to his wife Eileen.

  • Headshot: Beth McCarthy
    Beth McCarthy

    A long time community advocate and MAAV supporter, Beth joined the MAAV Board to further promote and drive awareness of the many programs, support services and overall positive messaging that MAAV brings to Melrose. Beth is especially inspired by the work that MAAV has done with the Melrose schools, helping drive home the meaning and value of healthy relationships and arming students with the tools and resources they need to love and respect themselves and one another. Beth has spent 25 years working with marketing/advertising agencies, partnering with brands in both the private and public sectors and helping them understand consumer needs to drive better product development, positioning, messaging and more. Beth is currently a lecturer at Tufts University teaching Entrepreneurial Leadership as part of Tufts Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies Program. She lives in Melrose with her husband Dennis and children, Emily and Will (all of whom are also long time MAAV supporters!).

  • Headshot: Craig Noto
    Craig Noto

    Craig joined MAAV in 2016 after participating on the Walk Committee because he is passionate about the cause and wanted to get involved in the community. Craig oversees the new partner acquisition efforts at EverFi, a mission driven education company focused on critical skill development (including sexual assault prevention). He has been working with the organization for nearly 10 years specializing in higher education. Craig lives in Melrose with his wife and two young children.

  • Headshot: Erin SuttoN Disanto
    Erin Sutton DiSanto

    Erin joined the MAAV Board of Directors in 2010 because she had previously been involved with crisis intervention and domestic violence prevention and as a resident of Melrose wanted to help in her local community.  Erin is very involved with the Mother’s Day Road Race and loves that it is a multi-generational event to celebrate women, mothers and health.  Erin serves as the liaison for MAAV with the Melrose Running Club.  She stated that she remains involved with MAAV because she is passionate about prevention, education and healthy relationships.  When Erin is not volunteering with MAAV, she works in the Human Resource and Retail Management fields.  She is also a CASA (court appointed special advocate) volunteer in Suffolk County.

  • Headshot: Karen Willis
    Karen Willis

    Karen joined the MAAV Board of Directors in 2010 as a domestic violence survivor interested in helping other women, men, children and families in need.  She is a member of the Annual Walk Committee and served as a mentor for MAAV’s mentoring program.  Karen states that she remains involved with the MAAV Board because she feels she has been able to make a difference in the lives of domestic violence victims.  When not volunteering with MAAV, Karen works as a Rehabilitation Clinical Liaison and Physical Therapist Assistant.  Karen feels that as a domestic violence survivor she brings a unique and personal experience to the MAAV board.  She also brings over twenty years experience in the health care field.